Land Development, Road Construction & Sitework

C.A. Barrs Contractor specializes in road and sitework construction and development in Yorktown, Virginia.  Since 1971 C.A. Barrs has completed over 1,500 projects building a reputation of excellence and reliability with private developers, general contractors, municipalities, and the federal government.

In these last 47 years, C.A. Barrs has built many long term valued relationships with the finest General Contractors and most reputable developers in Eastern Virginia. They value the experience of our people and the fact that we provide the full scope of road construction and sitework  services. Our customers also value the fact that we provide real solutions to the many challenges and problems that developers face not only in planning but throughout the construction process and beyond.

We are committed to adding value to our customers and our community by completing every project safely, on time, and in budget…every time.   


C.A. Barrs is all about safety! For several years, we have won safety awards from the following Associations:

HRUHCA Safety Award for Outstanding Commitment to Safety
VTCA Safety Award to C.A. Barrs Contractor
AGCVA Award to C.A. Barrs Contractor